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The Bury Job

edited September 2012 in General Charlton
One man who played a large part in Charlton history is favourite to be appointed next permanent Bury manager (Peter Shirtliff) but according to where it says Shirtliff is favourite at 1/1, there is an outsider at 20/1 is another man who played a big part in our more recent history and if it happens he would manage the club we signed this man from who has played large part in our more recent history, namely DEANO!


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    and reading further down the list at 50/1 is Gary Neville. I know Gary and Phil's dad Neville Neville was on the board once at Bury, not sure if he still is though.
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    Isn't Neville Neville Neville?!
    Ahem, where's that coat...
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