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Android not displaying CAFC mobile website!!!

last resort, nothing on Google about this problem, me and me mate both got S2's, that's the equivalent of an S3 to us northern lads....whenever I try and view Charlton site I can see it but the screen is covered with a black see through thing and I can't get rid of it, apparently it happens on other football league websites - anyone help, totally clueless!


  • It's that pop up thing that you have to click on to enter the site. My phone sometimes comes up with it but mostly it's fine now
  • Download the football league app and access it through that.
  • is it like a red thing that says 'enter site' did see it once but not there now tried scrolling everywhere on screen, tried diff browser too...
  • Yeah that's what Nathan's talking about.

    I have a Galaxy S2 and it is there, but like I say - the Football League app is an easier way to get around it as you'll get a site designed for mobiles, whereas all you'll get through is the desktop site.
  • downloaded football league app - it's ok but we still only got 4 points!! now restarted my phone opened site up on horizontal view and gave me the 'enter site' option, it's now letting me view cheers guys!!
  • got both now so happy, although our old 'mobile' site before we xfrd to football league site was good!
  • You could install the Google chrome browser. Seems to be able to show the site okay on my phone.
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