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Away Ticket Cap?

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I was listening to talk sport about a couple of years ago or so and it was call Collymore where they was talking about having a price cap rule on what clubs can charge away fans taking into account what they have spent on travel to get there.

My thoughts were:

Prem: Capped at £30
Champ Capped at £25
League 1&2 Capped at £20

That is for normal prices.


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    I think it's a brilliant and justified idea. However I think the chances of such a rule being enforced is about the same as the chances of a player wage cap being introduced.
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    I think certain teams depend on the extra money from ticket sales when a "big team" turn up. So doubt that would come about
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    Great idea but I think it would run into all sorts of problems. Something needs to be done though as situations like Ipswich charging £34 a ticket during a rescission is an absolute disgrace and an embarrassment to English football.
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    The market will set the price. In the end the clubs that charge too much will see their aggregate attendances fall, and their total income will be less.

    If there was a maximum charge for away fans that was less than home fans there would be security issues.

    What they will never do is reduce the price of tickets for those that are going to go anyway. Also when away fans turn up and throw £25 on the pub and a takeaway they can hardly suggest they ant afford the tickets.
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    Thought of one thing, there could possibly be some sort of commercial law proventing that from being imposed. Hmmmm
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