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Championship 2012/13 Preview: Charlton Athletic

Club: Charlton Athletic

Last Season Position: 1st, League One CHAMPIONS

Recent History:

After relegation from the Premier League in 2007, things have gone about as well for the Addicks as they could have hoped. 11th place in the first season back in the second tier was seen by many as a huge achievement for a club of its size, many even hoping that the obvious talents of (Sir) Alan Pardew would not be poached by one of the big boys. However the unthinkable happened, Pardew was sacked in 2008 and his highly rated apprentice took over as caretaker. This proved costly as the Addicks were relegated that season. Clearly the loss of Alan [insert relevant name here] had a huge knock on effect.

The first season in league One saw Charlton reach the play-offs, this was all orchestrated by Parkinson in order to recreate the magic of the 1998 promotion. Swindon obviously never read this script, well at least Nicky Bailey didn't as his penalty was sent so far over the bar it was apparently found just the other side of the M25. So another season in League One it was, many suggesting the Addicks had found their level. It started well enough just as the previous one had but there was a sudden change in optimism when Mysterons Holdings purchased the club. Many speculated it was an oil rich lonely sheikh looking to waste billions in turning the club into a regular Champions League contender, however those "ITK" were slightly disappointed when it turned out to be a couple of lawyers.

Still, things on the pitch were going steady but the new owners wanted to stamp their mark, they decided to sack Parky and hand the reigns over to someone they knew would get the supporters onside, someone whose glittering career could inspire the current players and someone who could deal with the pressures of managing the biggest club in South East London. Keith Peacock however was only in charge for one game before someone named Chris Powell was placed in charge. This man had no managerial experience, wasn't even that great a player and is only 5'10" tall.

The gamble by the new owners somehow paid off, although it took until the following season to get promotion, obviously someone with more experience would have done it straight away, lets face it Iain Dowie did with Croydon!

Manager Profile:

Chris Powell - some no-mark player who was a bit rubbish in his first few months in charge then got lucky with his first full season. About covers it I think.

Summer Transfer Activity:


Jordan Cook ..... Sunderland ..... Free
Lawrie Wilson ..... Stevenage ..... Undis
Salim Kerkar ..... Rangers ..... Free
Dorian....Birds of a Feather....Free


Gary Doherty ..... Wycombe ..... Undis

Expected Line-Up:

Solly Morrison Cort Wiggins
Pritchard Stephens Hollands Jackson
Wright-Phillips Kermorgant

Expected Tactics/Formation:

I would expect it would be a similar set up to last season with the 4-4-2 as above, possibly a more natural winger starting wide right. Seems they are experimenting with a few different formations in pre-season but I would expect the starting team next week would look something like that.

What the fans are saying:

Views from many on here seem to suggest that the lack of signings is worrying however most would still admit that this team as it is should still avoid relegation and somewhere between 13th and 20th likely. A few signings could help towards a top half push and after that who knows. There are a few who believe signing Sam Baldock would lead to back to back promotions as he would definitely score 40 league goals.

Odds: Promotion 8/1, Relegation 6/1


Ignoring the rumours that have been doing the rounds and assuming the finances are okay, if this squad is the one that takes us into the new season I don't think there is much threat of relegation (I look forward to this being brought up next May). That said I think if there are no signings then a mid-table finish is most likely but who knows? Very few predicted the magnificence of last season and with the brilliance of the man in charge anything can happen. I'm slightly nervous but very excited about this season, has to be one of the strongest second tiers ever and lets just hope we have enough good moments to keep everyone involved with the club happy.

Compiled by: colthe3rd


  • A shoe in for the title, the others might as well hand over the trophy now. Or ... a season of consolidation from a team that will be little different from the 100+ point outfit of last season. Attitude is everything .. go for it Charlton .. middle of the mid table
  • Don't know much about this lot
  • Nice one @colthe3rd, got the short straw doing this one !
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