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My Charlton, Your Charlton, Our Charlton

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Well it has been an interested summer break as a Charlton fan, especially one who uses this site daily (hourly) for info on the club we love.

I've sat back this morning and thought about all of the rumours, events and possible consequences. The only conclusion is that I am still none the wiser as to what is really going on in SE7, whether good, bad or somewhere in between. I also considered my own position and some of my comments and realised that again my own stance is like most of us based on a 'feeling' or evidence, which is open to interpretation. So while not saying I've changed my position, that we should give this board some support as they have done well so far, I would like to say I may not of always gone about it in the most eloquent of ways. So if I got your back up - then sorry.

As the new season is upon I think it is time for us to come together, my Charlton, your Charlton is our Charlton. I remember sitting on the balcony in Phuket reading the match thread the day we got promoted, drinking a few beers and despite being miles away still feeling part of our Chartlon. Charlton Life did that.

In a few days we kick off our Championship campaign and I hope that despite all of our different opinions, ideas and conclusions drawn over the last few weeks that we come together again for the good of our Charlton.


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    In a strange way, part of me just wishes that even though those who provided the inside rumors on here were obviously trying to spread a message with good intentions, it had kind of just been dead silence.

    I'm really surprised there hasn't been an official clarification of the 'situation' considering the strength and regularity of the discussion about it all.

    It could be that we've had a Summer of pondering and panicking when really there might be absolutely nothing to worry about! Of course, I would rather that was the case than some sort of impending doom but it would just seem a shame that there was all that worry right on the back of probably the best season any of us will see at the club.
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    I think Bangkok Dave's been on the love pills again, bless him!

    Let's all have a cuddle.
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    Good post Bangkok Dave. I'll also apologise if I got your back up.
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    Nice one, BD.

    TBH my feeling is that we ARE all together as supporters of this great Club of's just that this forum sometimes brings out the worst in us. We all realise it's about opinions but a forum like this can make the mildest of posters into a raving , arguementative so & so whilst trying to uphold some point or other they feel passionate about. Include me in that list at times....

    We all want the best for our Club - goes without saying, but now & again , the direction or actions required to reach that point are a prime subject for debate which in turn can lead to degrees of frustration or even anger. It's only human nature, I guess.

    This summer has proved to be one of "those" times with 2 distinct camps emerging over the issue of the owners and their immediate plans for the Club. Little has come close in recent years to the importance of this one & it was inevitable that Lifers would be divided as to the validity of the information shared . But, as always, those arguements & the passion displayed therein merely showed how united we ALL are in the support of Charlton Athletic FC and the utmost desire to have security as well as success for the Club.

    I'm certain that unity on the "terraces" both at home & away starting tomorrow night will clearly demonstrate that we are in fact all singing from the same hymn sheet as we, the faithful continue to do through the good and not so good times. That's what we're here for . End of. No need to worry, my friend ...and we know that all ex pats will be with us in spirit to swell the ranks. Thanks for continuing to care albeit from distant shores.
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    Oh Phuket, yeh - group hug :-)
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