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CASTRUST 4th Meeting 23rd August 2012, see thread for Venue

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Agenda will be progress reports, and strategy/process/dates for establishing the Trust, plus possible visit from Supporter Direct

(admin please can you close the old thread for last meeting?)



PS If not already done so please show your support for the Trust by subscribing to our mailing list on giving your full name and address. Thanks again


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    Admin pls can you sticky

    Agenda as above except SD provisionally attending meeting likely 4th September

    BR (in France)
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    Venue ?
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    7:30pm beehive new eltham
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    edited August 2012
    (Any chance of a sticky admin?)

    Please see below for a bit more of a detailed agenda. I’ve also included a list of outcomes which will hopefully be reached by the conclusion of the meeting. We’re really making some good progress and officially launching the trus shouldn’t be too far away and the outcomes from this meeting will push us significantly further down the road.

    Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

    Agenda for meeting;

    Comms working group update including a (Ken)
    Membership working group update inc. Discussion on a proposed membership fee for an individual “e” member, also discussion on other membership models (students, youngsters, oldies, families etc) – possibly after a grace period (Geoff)
    Open debate on how to begin recruiting members
    Discussion around the Model Rules for the Trust (Craig)
    – what they are

    - Why we need them

    - Which rules I think we should implement (quick run through of the rules and their impact)

    - If anyone has any objection to any area of the rules (will send round later via e-mail so people can read and digest)
    The process for registering the trust (Craig)
    Quick update on the discussions we had with Birmingham supporters trust on Saturday (Craig)

    Desired outcome(s) of the meeting;

    Agreement on the press release wording (comms group to take this away and begin the dissemination process)
    Agreement on membership structure (membership group to take this away and begin the work of putting this together on a practical level)
    Agreement on model rules and the four signatories to them
    Date for submitting the trust registration documents set
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    Just to confirm
    It is tonight at the Beehive . 7.30 ( or as near as possible) You can park in the pub or locally. Across the road from the station if you are unfamiliar, or want to have a pint or two. Why not come along and support the trust?
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    Really good meeting last night with some great outcomes. I've got a list of actions which I guess is a good thing !

    If you were there and I haven't got your e-mail address drop me a message in my inbox here and I'll include you in the list so you receive the minutes.

    Next meeting is pencilled in for Tuesday 4th September at the Beehive when we have Supporters Direct coming down to help us finalise the details of our trust registration. It's starting to become a reality and I think that's a great thing for Charlton supporters.
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    Great work to all involved.
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    Good work guys
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    Great stuff !

    Onwards & upwards, CASTRUST !
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    I don't do usually meetings, but I fancy going to the next one, but it appears to be an organisation most clubs need to have nowadays.

    Are the trust funds going to be held by 'Bank of Dave'?
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    Excellent work people, myself excluded on this occasion as i am on hols like a lot of other folk around the time the trust has been starting up.

    I'll publish the minutes soon via the website and link back to the various forums etc including this one, plus more details on the next meeting should be confirmed early part of next week

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    F1 you volunteering for treasurer? We need one currently
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    Where can I buy my Trust scarf?
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    So far only a t-shirt has been mooted..
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    well done everyone
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