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Getting to Watford

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The Metropolitan Line is OPEN on Saturday, if people want to go that way


  • It's been a while since I went, but is it not easier for us 'Outlanders' to get an overground train from Euston if we come into Victoria..?
  • oi, how come you two have ignored my watford arrangements thread!!!
  • I can see two options....

    Into Victoria, tube to Euston, train to Watford Jct.

    Into Victoria, train to Clapham Jct, train to Watford Jct (Jct to Jct trains are only one an hour though, so timing has to be good....)
  • Medders, don't want to seem an absolute anorak- Option 1 is definately the best.
  • Stanmore, we all know the truth about you, your anorak and your jotter pad ;-)
  • Use Watford High St rather the Watford Jct - it's far nearer to Vicarage Road.

    I'm getting the 13:17 from Euston (arrives 14:00).
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