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Charlton money worries

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Ok I know it's only someone's take on things on another charlton forum and I don't want to get into a discussion on what's the best forum etc blah blah but can anyone shed some light on what's is going on at charlton regarding money for transfers etc and has our mystery backer backed out? With JJ signing a new contract today surely everything still seems to be going to plan? Just a bit concerned that no sIgnings have been made as of yet, so can anyone put my concerns at ease?


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    See the Peter Varney to leave Charlton thread ! All 491 posts on there.
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    To be fair mate, no-one's really mentioned the subject. Indeed, I'm not really sure anyone's aware that we supposedly have financial troubles. Think you're getting a bit carried away! Still, at least you've started a thread on the subject about our possible financial worries, owners running out of dosh and the transfer implications etc.

    We needed one of those...
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    We certainly did. Oh yes, we did.
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    Closing and redirecting this way.
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