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Sky Box Help

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Hi all,

It would appear that sky may have done a system update 2 days ago and I have had problems with the box. Can anyone tell me the process to the proper one (ie one that you don't lose all your recordings that takes about 7-10 mins to do?) or a way round this. I cant switch channels as it get stuck on the same channel and I cant press Services then 001 as it tells me "this menu is not available whilst there are 2 recordings taking place *which is not)

Thanks all



  • Ring Sky. They will talk you through it.
  • Had something similar and eventually switced everything off and unplugged it all overnight and things were o.k next day but it was probably luck! Have 'phoned Sky in the past and they were very helpful. Only problem was getting the right 'phone no.: they seem to change every few months.
  • Ive tried sky and spoke to a lovely lady yesterday. We unplugged everything/ I practically gave up and then luckily somehow it started to work after i turned everytging off. I hgave been reading sky forums and it is always when updats happen !! Im going to try a forced system boot (which doesnt lose programs in planner as I cant do a planner build. Before it was the other way round. I think the problem was that i did have 2 programs being recorded at the same time..... when the update occured but i fell asleep !!
    Just got to find that menu now. I know you press backup on box etc??
  • Can't believe you've come on here with your Sky box problems when Charlton Life is in Peter Varney has left meltdown ;0)
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  • 3 resets later.. it is on red recording (god knows what it it recording and the blue light.. first going clockwise then anti clockwise !! and still stuck on one channel !!
  • You're absolutely right. This happened to me the other night while I was flicking through the adult channels. I was about to watch Ben Dover Does Poland when the friggin' thing packed up. I got up to get the remote and forgot me kecks were round me ankles. Went a*se over t*t and landed on the coffee table. Thankfully the box of kleenex cushioned my fall. Bleedin' News Corporation! It's all their fault.
  • Technical term is I think "broken"
  • All sorted now... for the tme being... I went through and changed a few things om the menu. and all of a sudden it stopped recording. Absolutely weird. I changed the setup a bit.
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