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I was planning to wait for the fixtures for 2012/13 before setting a schedule. I was however going to run a couple of interim games before hand, however I am in doubt whether or not this would be a good idea given the euro '12. I was thinking a big KO (as they are usually popular) on Sunday.

I need to know how many people want to play and how many want to wait until July?


  • Im in for a Sunday one soon!!
  • Hi sadie
    Tuesday nights or Sunday nights are good Knock outs are good - best 9 per table - 5 or 10 min blinds.
    H.O.R.S.E would be nice but NLHE OK.
    Best Regards
    -Danny (beat the Brighton Boys)
  • I was thinking soon we can have a vote on a different game as a one off at first, see how popular it is. Between Omaha, Omaha (hi-lo), razz, hose, horse and stud.
  • I would play again. Even though i was put down as a brighton fan last time on the results sheet.
  • I look forward to the next game but strictly Texas Holdem for me.
  • Would be interested in something soon.
  • crazychair you need to join our homegames team then you are ready to play all on CL are welcome. Who was you last time? sorry about the misunderstanding :-) lol
  • No problem sadie. My username on pokerstars is CTJ1976. I was 11th in the brighton game.
  • I knew you wasn't Brighton lol
  • Sundays suit me best SJ due to other commitments but its no big deal, if I can make a mid week one I am in.

    I am away this Sunday due to a weeks hols but I am sure the numbers will still be up.

    Plus if I miss one it will not give yo the chance to take 80% of my chips with a dodgy 2 pair that you hit on the river :-) x
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  • I look forward to the next game but strictly Texas Holdem for me.
    same here
  • I look forward to the next game but strictly Texas Holdem for me.
    same here
    Sorry just spotted this, same for me I dont play other poker games
  • I dont mind playing mixed game -
    omaha/hold em. Bigger the buy in the better
  • i'll play anthing as long as not clashing with football or olympics
  • Maybe if you wait until after the group stages there will be a night free of the Euro Championships on which you can schedule a game?
  • edited June 2012
    possibly if everybody is agreed we can do one after group stages, need input.
  • When is the next poker night ? It's been ages since the last one.
  • was waiting til end of euros, people need to tell me what days apart from match days they can't make otherwise I'll assume that all are fine based on last survey. The olympics are a worry, any of the olympics I need to avoid please tell me?? ta guys x
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