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Last Saturday........

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I went across to Upton Park in support of the Charlton Upbeats Team, who were playing in a memorial competition arranged by West Ham.

Apart from Charlton, the competition was to feature a team from West Ham, Fulham, QPR and a couple of other clubs.

I was so disapointed for the Charlton team when a learnt that not not one of the other teams decided to show for the competition, not even West Ham.

Whilst i was i bit gutted for them, the Charlton Staff present did manage to arrange a little game for the team splitting them up for a little match which everyone present showed great support for. It also featured some great goal celebrations.

Full credit for all of the Charlton staff who were still able to make it an enjoyable day for the team.

Finally, I couldnt resist taking my little boy into the club shop after for a liitle walk round in his Charlton shirt. some of the looks we were getting....... it was brilliant.


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    What?? Not one other team?? That is terrible.
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    No, not one other team bothered to show.

    One player from West Ham and one player from Fulham i think showed up but that was it.
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    That's really disappointing Stevie. Shows that whilst some clubs just pay lip service to their commitments to the community we take ours seriously and support ALL of our teams. Well done for going over and I hope your son enjoyed winding the Hammers up a wee bit !
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    Cheers, yes loved winding up the hammers, had to leave a bit sharpish though when my boy decided to say that West Ham were rubbish, in the middle of their club shop.
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    so they called on a game and then didnt even show up to their own match! very poor show that, very poor indeed... well done the charlton staff for not making it a complete waste of a day, poor sods. like your style stevie, specially your boy for coming out with that in the hammers shop, top draw, haha!
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