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Charlton 450 Palace 150

Auction last night at my son's school in aid of CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) and the Ben Daniels Memorial Fund.

We knew Ben, who died suddenly aged 15 of an undetected heart condition, and still know his parents well. We were asked to donate something Charlton related so bought a Charlton shirt and my son then went around all the players and management getting it signed at the Sponsors Evening.

It raised £450 while a similar Palace shirt only reached £150. Very proud of my son. Remember this is a school (Ravens Wood in Keston) deep into Bromley near to Croydon.

Admittedly the signed Chelsea shirt raised £2500 but they have just won the Champions League.

More info on the Ben Daniels Memorial fund here


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    take that you palace scum!
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    It's an omen for next season - a ratio of 3:1. I'd settle for two 3-1 wins.
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    Joking aside, there's just over 3k raised for a worthy cause. Well done H and to your son for doing the legwork at the Sponsors Evening.

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    Sounds like it was a great evening, well done the Irvings
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    Well done Henry junior. Good to hear
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    Ravens Wood? Remind me never to mess with him!
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    That's cool, but you have to bear in mind that all Palace fans are ultras. It's like Napoli down there. Passionate and fanatical slum dwellers who don't have that kind of money, but would die for the cause, or burn a Charlton scarf in a pub, as a minimum.
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