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  • RIP what a legend
  • R.I.P
    Wait for the jokes....Grrrrrrrr ;-(
  • Rip their music was not to my taste but they were monumental in what they achieved

    He fought a great battle against a terrible disease

    Rest now robin
  • Sad loss. Legend indeed, the number of successful songs written by those brothers is incredible - including many the BeeGees never recorded themselves. RIP.
  • Sad that people tend to just associate the bee-gees with all the saturday night fever/disco cheese, yet they were so much better than that. Wrote some all-time classics and were true musical legends.


    Absolutely love this song
  • Sad... RIP X
  • Not an hour goes by when a Bee Gee penned song isn't heard on mainstream radio. Please excuse the pun pun but no one could argue that three so talented brothers passing away so prematurely is anything but a "tragedy".

  • I guessed it would be said by the third post, so well done those of you who came before AA and managed to resist. I echo NLAs thoughts.

    RIP Robin.
  • In my younger days i will never forget doing "the twist" and doing and trying to dance to a bee gees number. Brings back fond memories
  • RIP. Not my thing but clearly a great talent and far too young to go.
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  • RIP Robin.. Sad, as reports were he was recovering.. :(

    His brother Maurice died a few years back of a strangulated bowel - which co-incidentally I was rushed into St. Thomas's on Friday with. Staff there all *amazing* and happy to report all fine now..
  • RIP Legend .

    Underated as a songwriter .
  • RIP. A legend without doubt.
  • Big loss to the world of music #RIPRobingibb
  • RIP - absolutely devastated to hear this.

    A giant from a time when real songwriting actually counted for something.
  • Very sad, I especially feel for Barry, the oldest brother, now left by himself
  • Robin was ill for quite a time , as Killer said i'm sad for his brother Barry.
  • A great songwriter, I think most will be surprised at the amount of songs he wrote with his brothers.

  • The Bee Gees were outrageously talented songwriters and will long be remembered. I also though that Robin had the best voice of the brothers as well. RIP mate you fought your illness with much fortitude and dignity.
  • 3 of the 4 brothers have died quite young .. it's those rock and roll hours that bring graves with fresh flowers .. RIP Robin.
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  • Saturday night fever - classic in all ways ... Such a sad loss

  • I suppose it was on the cards, but the reports of his apparent revival recently gave hope that he'd pull through. An immensely talented family of brothers but also unfortunate in having lost Andy, Maurice and now Robin all too young.

    Listening to various tributes on the radio today it was stated that they have the second most popular catalogue of work behind Lennon/McCartney. They dipped in and out of fashion yet always bounced back.
    There was a really interesting programme about them on either BBC2 or BBC4 around five or six weeks ago. I expect it may be repeated in the light of Robins death. It's worth a watch if you get the chance, even if you're not the biggest fan of their music.

  • I would never count myself as a real fan of the Beegees as a band but I have nothing but respect for their abilities and achievements. RIP Robin, a truly talented and inspirational man.
  • Sad news. Great songwriter, although I was never into their music. Also let's not forget the tireless work he did to get "Bomber Command "recognised and sorry that he won't be around to witness the unveiling of the memorial in June. RIP
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