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Caption competition

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    News of Justin Bieber's loss of virginity is announced at the White House.
  • Dave wins Greece in the G8 raffle.
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    Dave shouts "Touchdown",
  • Dave correctly identifies a pint of milk in a line up.
  • No guessing who had `Pudsey' in the Britains Got Talent sweepstake at the G8 summit this week.
  • Dave hears the pasty shop in Leeds re-opens !
  • 3 people celebrate the return of their jackets from Sketchleys whilst the other leaders bitterly regret not taking up the offer of a first class mobile dry cleaning service.
  • The mexican wave starts and finishes with Dave.......
  • 'Ohhh come on David, this is really lame.'

    'Not true Mr President, we always start Prime Ministers Question Time, with a rendition of YMCA just to rouse the MP's from their morning spent in the Commons free bar.'

    'I'm sorry but it looks ridiculous David and if my Chief of Staff, standing next to you has joined in he's fired!!!'
  • "Two world wars and one world cup, do dah"
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  • Cameron celebrates the announcement of the BBC's prestigious contract to bring us 3 more years of Claridge.
  • I heard if I do an Ollie, it will get me noticed.
  • Cameron revealed as the lead for Muppets 2.
  • Nick Clegg announces his resignation
  • Eton & Harrow 1 - Rugby 0
  • The mysterons finally make themselves known with a united display of elation in Charlton Directors box.
  • Guy on the left "keeping me nut down, keeping me nut down".

    Cameron "I'm wearing that Sure 24-hour stuff - good innit?".
  • Villa fan, Dave, reacts to McLeish's sacking.
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    "Adolf Hitler, Herman Goering, Von Ribentrov, Admiral Graff Spee, your boys took a hell of a beating"
  • I can do the Olly Groome
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  • The winner of the "Who Can Screw The Most Tax Out Of Their Citizens " competition is announced!!
  • Team 'phoenix' win Sugars muck and brass task.
  • The look on Chancellor Merkel's face gave away the fact that she never had really understood the off side rule.
  • So Silvio Berlusconi is hosting another one of his "private parties", who's game?
  • The moment the G8 leaders found out Chris Powell had agreed to take time out from his busy schedule to short out the world economy.
  • I am just surprised Barroso is still on his feet...
  • This year's entrants warm up for the international orgasm face competition
  • The annual boardroom game of musical chairs was very competitive this year.
  • John Terry finally fails to jump in on a celebration he has no right to be at
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