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Anybody else noticing the problems with various threads. Even when I haven't started reading the thread it doesn't show how many new posts there are whereas on others it does ??? So if you have started reading a thread you don't know when there's some new posts ?

Sounds a bit confusing but I know what I mean lol


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    I've noticed that as well. Don't know why these things change suddenly.
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    All a bit messed up at the moment.Think AFKA said it was the site host and nothing to with them, they are trying to sort it
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    I think it shows how many unread posts there are if you've opened the thread before, but not if you haven't. The colours are also slightly modified from before.
    I am currently finding it confusing, though I think I should be able to cope with it in the very near future.
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    Same here. I'm sure Admin have it all under control!
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