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Ritchie De Laet

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Signed for Leicester today. This deal was very close to happening, was told last tuesday about it. Didn't want to say anything as was asked not too. Obviously Leicester have more financial power. Hope losing out on players isn't a sign of things to come :(


  • Never heard of him.
  • Was rated at United, been on loan at Norwich, Preston and Portsmouth and only 23.

    Fits the Chris Powell mould.
  • nor me ... not sure why this should be a concern to be honest
  • No shame is losing out to Leicester who spent millions last summer and will surely start as one of the faves again.

    De Laet started well at Norwich, but I think he lost his place/got injured and was sent back to Man Utd. Good to know he is the calibre of players we are going for as think he is a very good Championship defender.
  • Would've been a really good signing, centre back that can cover both full back positions. There's a whole summer ahead though, plenty of other players we can target.
  • Rate Leicster to do really well next season
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    Leicester signed Mills from Reading last season for a few million .. he might be 'available' after falling out with Pearson .. he is a great central defender and now Leicester have quite a few with St Ledger, Morgan, De Laet .. IF Powell is looking for a young, big, potentially high quality defender, Mills could be the one.

    EDIT: Celtic are after Mills according to the Mail. And ...... Mills' middle name is Claude .. now that MUST be quite unique for a brick outhouse English centre back
  • Where does it say we were in for him?
  • Looked a bit ropey and inconsistent for Norwich in the Prem this year but he should be very good in the champ.

    Leicester will be pushing for promotion next year.
  • Highly rated young defender who can play across the back 4. Would have been a great signing for us..................
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  • Matt mills cost about 5 mill did he not? Can't see that happening, surely we will be after frees.
  • Were we definately in for him ? Be interesting to know what he was valued at.
  • Leicester signed Mills from Reading last season for a few million ..
    Hmm, he left Reading for Leicester, presumably because he thought Leicester stood a better chance of success under Sven :-)
  • We are after players norwich want not that they are willing to let go
  • Tried hard at Nowich..he will be a good fit for Leicester..
  • Matt mills cost about 5 mill did he not? Can't see that happening, surely we will be after frees.
    Re Mills:It was a huge amount for a Champ club to pay for a defender. Sven signed him not long before he (Sven) left Leicester but the new regime just don't seem to fancy him and/or there's been a major falling out. Mills has been around a few clubs so perhaps he has an 'attitude problem'. Pearson the Leicester manager, is a known disciplinarian and non-compromiser. I've seen Mills play quite a few games and consider him to be a very good footballer as well as a tough defender.
    I hope that we are not just looking for 'frees', though I'm sure there are a lot of good freelancers/Bosmans to be had.
    We need a big commanding centre back for the Championship, with respect to Taylor, he is not that man.
    I wouldn't advocate spending £5,000,000 on Mills but if Leicester want to cut their losses we could do a lot worse and at 25, he'll be around for a long time
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