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Phil Chapple - unsung hero?

edited May 2012 in General Charlton
OK, he got the curtain call yesterday, but hasn't had much attention generally, has he? One look at Newcastle shows how much difference a good scouting system can make - though they must have been mighty tempted to sign McCleod and Gray instead of Ba and Cisse.

It's interesting that Chapple was retained during a period of massive overhaul, suggesting that he is valued at the Club. I was assuming he would be off. And very few of all our 2011-12 signings haven't worked out, with some real gems in there.


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    Interesting point. Agreed that I would have thought he would have been moved out during the overhaul. Must be well thought of indeed.
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    Powell has quite rightly been praised for the signings he has made but the scout system we have in place has to take some credit too! Agree that his being kept on is a very good sign.
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