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As in schedule BIG poker night $22 entrance fee to cover prize monies and PS fee. 6 per Table this time.

-if you don't already have it,download the free PokerStars software from

-Open the main lobby,then click the Home Games tab
-Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
-Enter the Club ID number: 19158
-Enter the Invitation Code: PSCharltonLife05

That's it. Once approved, we'll all be ready to start playing together.

Come and try it, half decent standard with first class banter.


  • in the minute you set it up :)
  • I Shall be playing while listening to the Player of the year awards on CharltonPlayer,
  • May not make this but i will try
  • Should be OK will confirm later
  • having registered, I now reailise I may be a little late arriving. please be gentle with my blinds :)

    Should be online by 8.45 - 9.00
  • I am hoping for a new mouse soon
  • No mouse Grrr have to make do without
  • I will be in later, Derek's big blinds will come in handy :-)
  • I'm in now I'll try and get hold of john bev
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  • Good luck everyone "Bigmoney_753"
  • 10 mins late registration 2 more to pay to third
  • sorry, couldn't play tonight... way outside what my bankroll will allow!
  • Results as followed;1st Place Mid-Crofton $140, 2nd place caoimho $84, 3rd Place Painter1947 (oohahhmortimer) $56

    14 runners ending with a great final four and a great heads up.

    Well played everyone!! xx

    We're going to have a gap for a few weeks whilst I try and work out a new schedule. Now is the time to start sending me suggestions or to speak about anything you want changed. But please bear in mind I will always try and please the majority although I do try and please everyone as much as I can.

    If it is easier you can contact me by email on [email protected]
  • Thanks for that schedule - was just right for me, well done Sadie, more of the same please
  • Could I have a pair of cards that contain something higher than 8-4 off suit..................kin game :-)
  • More of the same Sadie . The last schedule was perfect.
  • Well done to mid crofton and caoimho, ground my monster chip lead away , sorry to the people I knocked out with evil luck, I was trying to speed it up !
  • that 2 you hit on the river to hit a gut shot straight still haunts me..... bubbled AGAIN! good game though and great schedule... cheers all
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  • down to under 900 chips when i arrived, made it to third on the leader board then made a big mis-judgement on an ooh aah shove. enjoyable evening.
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