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NEW ARTICLE: Open Letter to Messrs. Slater, Jiminez and Murray



  • Take a look again at the league table, none of us have ever seen such brilliant statistics before. Think back on Saturday, an amazing day in so many ways, one of my best ever watching football over 60 plus years.

    My point is that if you can only start talking about where it might go wrong at this time, and talk stupidly negative, I feel sorry for you. Go and get treatment !
  • Well done AFKA as always. A very good article & spot on.

  • Messrs Slater & Jimenez were constantly shaking hands & chatting with fans last night - you could feel the love from both sides - and although Michael declined the offer to speak on the mic, saying it was the players/management night
    I like that
  • Had a good little chat with Mr. Slater at PoTY, mainly about Man City. Did not remind me of a lawyer at all, just a really good, down-to-earth bloke.

  • But when this new posse wants to depart the scenes and how and who to is when they will prove their real worth .......
    fffs i thought it's be a few years down the line not a few weeks ;-(
  • Close this, and delete recent additions pleeeeeease, it should stand as it was
  • 100% concerned, 0% rose tinted.
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