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  • nothing like them..............move on, nothing to see.
  • Ginger kid, boy wearing glasses and a girl?

    Most classes have those - dont bother with link if not yet looked
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    the kid in bottom right is that dead MI6 could be true.
  • its ed sheeran as a youth
  • ...and Tim Burgess from The Charlatans is also in the pic (Back row, stage right of Ginge), so must be true!
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    This wins the prize for the naffest link of the year. They look absolutely nothing like them. Ignore
  • It's only a bit of fun!

    Lighten up peeps!
  • I will thank you for the link, I found it mildly amusing!
  • Please tell me this is part of the 90something% of the stuff you post on here we should ignore, and not the 1% "truth"?

    PS which ones you and which ones Ackworth?
  • I am quite honoured young Rudd that your very infrequent posts on here tend to be on my threads. Makes it all worthwhile.
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