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Pub for Preston

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Any suggestions must have pool table, jukebox, dart board, bookies and scratch cards


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    and a meat raffle..
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    now we're talking
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    Must also be open at 9.00am
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    Dancing girls, dancing bears, two-headed barman and six kinds of pork scratchings.
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    2 headed barstaff ? .. you want the nuclear power station just up the coast
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    The Sumners seems the best bet for those driving up.

    Grateful for any help from any PNE reading.
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    summers looks good. not sure how far from station it is though.
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    Does it have channel 4 for the horse racing
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    And a 'hot nuts' dispenser ?
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    1.5 miles from station to ground. Pub called Greyfriars about 5 mins walk from Station

    St Gregorys club (2 mins walk from gorund) will let away fans in tomorrow.

    from the preston fans
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    conflicting advice on www.footballgroundguide

    There is not a great deal in the way of pubs in close proximity to the ground. Further up Tom Finney Way (which used to be called Deepdale Road) from the stadium, is Sumners. This pub normally has a good mix of home and away supporters, although for certain high profile games and local derbies the pub does not admit away supporters. There is a good sized beer garden & car park at the pub. The pub does charge for parking (£3) but this can be redeemed against a purchase at the bar. Good food is available and children are allowed in. James Pritchett adds to get to the Sumners; 'Make sure you go towards Sainsburys and away from the Town Centre and it should take five minutes. As you go past Sainsburys turn right at the lights and it is half way up the hill. It should be full, but friendly. The pub welcomes a mix of away and home support and are friendly towards families. It serves Theakstons on draught.' Whilst Charlie Guinan a visiting Nottingham Forest fan informs me; 'Sumners was good for away fans and apart from the beer they served an excellent pie, chips, mushy peas and gravy for only £3.50.'

    There are also a couple of nearby clubs that welcome away fans. First there is St Gregory's Catholic Club, which is around a five minute walk away on Blackpool Road. The Club offers reasonably priced drinks, hot pies, plus has SKY television. You can also park at the Club at a cost of £3. Secondly, there is the Fulwood Conservative Club, situated around ten minutes walk away from Deepdale, at the junction of Blackpool Road and Garstang Road across from Moor Park. Parking is available at the Club at a cost of £3 per car and non-members are admitted free into the club on matchdays.

    Paul Billington adds; 'In all honesty visiting fans should avoid town centre pubs simply because the Police will move you on quickly if they see you and most pubs will refuse to serve away fans. If you arrive by train I would recommend the Vic and Station not for the decor but simply convenience.' Otherwise alcohol is served within the ground.

    Whilst John a visiting Chelsea fan informs me; 'We went to Preston and had a great day. The Yates pub located about a 15 minute walk from the station towards the ground was fine and was okay for us away fans and family friendly. My only criticism of the ground was that it was difficult inside to get a drink as there was no proper queuing system and hence it was a mad scrum at the bar'.

    But then

    Preston station is around a mile and a half from the ground and takes around twenty five minutes to walk, although you will pass some good pubs on the way. Leave the Preston railway station via the main entrance, and head right at the top of the drive. This is the main High Street. Continue along the High Street, passing all the regular big name shops. Some good pubs and eateries can be found down side streets off the High Street, so if you have time, take a look. Try the Old Black Bull, and Academy, the later being about the last place on the High Street that will allow away supporters before you get to Deepdale. Colours are not recommended around town. The High Street (or Church Street/Fishergate as it's known) is about a mile long, and you will pass a church and a bike shop as you come to its end. Simply carry on walking along this street, and when you reach the ring road, you head straight over the large traffic lights, heading towards Preston Prison. Turn left at the Prison into Church Street, then left into Deepdale Road. Continue straight along Deepdale Road and after about a mile you will reach the ground.
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    regarding the real ale question, if you like to sample new beers eherever you go there is a pub right by the station called the vic that usually has 6-8 handpumps on from local breweries, including Moorhouses, Bank Top and possibly Lancaster brewery.

    Apart from that is the wetherspoons as mentioned and Old Black Bull across the road from it.

    All the places nearer the ground are poor for real ale. You'll get bodd's or pedigree at best.
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    Where's good for watered down lager?
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    As the ground is in a Muslim area, there aren't many pubs near it - you have to go north of Blackpool rd to get to Sumners and the Garrison boozer (the former is fine with away fans). Don't recommend drinking in the city centre as away fans tend to get moved on.

    Black Bull is a great pub for real ale, but it's on Friargate in the city centre. Pubs in Meadow St might be convenient, though (on the way to the ground)...but I don't know how many will serve away fans.
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    Garrison now closed Stem.

    I presume we'll go Sumners, depending where we park
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    Conservative Club for us...£3.00 to park and close to the ground.
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    I thought the Garrison might have closed - it has had quite a lot of aggro in its history and routinely gets shut down by the rozzers; The Sumners across the road is fine, though - lots of space and Sky TV.
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    Wetherspoons from 12, sumners from 2.
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