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Powell philosophical on Solly and Kermo missing out at PFA awards


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    ''I know a lot of our fans are going up in fancy dress and it would be a great day for them. ''

    Double Denim for Powell
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    I'm gonna go fancy dress. Probably as a raisin
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    Powell has hit the nail on the head there about Chris Solly. One of those players whose quality you only truly appreciate if you see him week in and week out rather than on the odd occasion.
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    edited May 2012
    ... against Hartlepool, really the players who have played the majority of the year and have played such pivotal parts in our season, I feel it is only right they play and be involved in that game.
    So we can probably expect Hamer, Wiggins, Solly, Morro, Hollands, Jackson, Yann and BWP, leaving the decisions to be made on Cort/Taylor, Wagstaff/Green, Stephens/Pritchard.

    If he goes strictly by the words above it would be Taylor, Green and Stephens but given that it's a close call in each case, and he wants to win, I suspect he'll take form/incumbency into account and opt for Cort, Wagstaff and Stephens.

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    I would say BWP should be in.

    That L1 team has JJ so dead-ball opportunities are covered. I don't have the stats but all BWPs goals this season were from open play. I dont think Rhodes or Evans have many more if you take out the pens and free kicks.

    Solly obviously should be in.
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    Stephens > Pritchard
    Wagstaff > Green
    Cort > Taylor
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