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Why the club should pay for my season ticket.

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Sitting here thinking about it, I think it would really be in the interest of the future success of the team if Mr Slater were to pay for my season ticket next season.

Let me explain. I started attending Charlton matches mid-way through the 89/90 season and promptly saw us relegated from the top flight, so not a good start. However, after settling in to life at Charlton, I saw the club regain its identity and return to our true home. Watching us grow steadily into an established premiership outfit. Mid-way through the 05/06 season I moved to the north-east, meaning I could no longer attend home games. At the end of this season, Curbs said farewell and so began our slippery slope down the ladder into the wilderness, with me 300 miles away, watching my beloved addicts becoming a bit of a laughing stock.

I returned back down here in Feb 10 but due to things going on in my life and the fact that it seemed that the heart and soul had been ripped from this club, I found myself unable to muster up any enthusiasm to attend any matches(only one game under Parky), and so the slump continued............

However, now finding myself in a better place and with the club seemingly re-discovered its identity, I decided that I would once again start going to games. I have been ever-present at the Valley this season (apart from the JPT Brentford game) and have seen us storm back into the championship, breaking records as we go.

So I'm nominating myself as the clubs "official" lucky mascot and urge them to pay for my season ticket next term to ensure that our success continues.....and if CP wants to come and pick me up every saturday to ensure I get there okay then that's good for me.................................

Anyone else feeling as lucky?


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    Not lucky, but a free season ticket would be nice as im broke
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    if you hadn't been there we would have remained unbeaten all season...i am convinced of that.

    so really you're a bit of a Jonah. Stay away ;)
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    Has that free season ticket if we got promoted offer run out??? :)
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    To show they support fairweather fans? Tsk.
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    Why the club should pay for my season ticket.

    Sorry Tangoflash , you won't have much joy , they're already paying for mine :-0
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