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Help on train tickets

edited April 2012 in General Charlton
Does anyone understand offers on train tickets please. I am slightly
Looking specifically for preston but these are general queries
1. Does a Gold Card count as a Railcard to be able to get 1/3 rd off for National Rail tickets
2. It seems we could buy a family and friends railcard for £28 between 4 and get 1/3rd off for 4 us . Is there any reaon we can't do this?
3. On an offpeak return but having a seat booked on a 7pm train, would we be able to catch an earlier one if we got back to the station.
4. Although euston to prreston is same price on all sites, it is cheaper to buy a through ticket from my local station on south eastern than either virgin or national rail (seems a fact not a question)

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