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Ahead of the game

With being the first promoted club in the country, this should give us a headstart on everybody else on the transfer front. Go get em Powelly


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    Seems to be his way, i believe that the man who is God SCP will have already started talking with the powers that be

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    I reckon some deals are already 'done' now that promotion has been confirmed. Jonjo on a season long loan being one of them...
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    If only some one from here was meeting Powell this week they could ask
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    Yes, because he's sure to tell it like it is. Just like he did at Bromley Addicks last season...
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    When I hug him on Thursday, I'll try to pickpocket his little black book of transfers.
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    Err, what's happening on Thursday , please ?

    I have been "away" from here for 2 weeks so a bit out of touch.
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