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Last Game at Home - Visitors Fancy Dress

edited April 2012 in Fun, Jokes & Captions
Last year our visitors dressed as Oompa Loompah's, this year over 160 of them wil be coming as Smurfs!

Well done the Poolies, I cannot wait to see the Jimmy Seed as a sea of blue!


  • @Ketman is dressing up as a Where's Wally as part of a stag do.
  • The last day will be quality, I thought the Hartlepool fans were superb last year and really look forward to welcoming them back, I think I posted this on a previous thread somewhere but as George and I passed through Kings Cross on the way home we were held by BTP as there were Darlington fans who had been to Wembley (and lost in the last minute to Mansfield) fighting with Oompa Loopah's, you couldnt make it up!

    We were busy last night making Chris Powell masks and actually this is now a season I never want to end, making all three games and am still absolutely buzzing still from Saturday.
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