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Team Effort: Charlton Athletic ON the Pitch and OFF Pitch

Ok here it goes - petrified doing this - but judging by 99% of Charlton fans this evening - who cares !! - AFKA - dont delete !!
The last couple of hours - wherever we have been in the UK - and to all those loyal people Internationally - this has been such a rollercoaster
that tonight we can all have a sigh of....yes we are back !!!......the Charlton we have known for so many years and we know are back. !!!...I hope
everyone tonight wherever or whoever can go out and celebrate this occassion that reminds me personally why I love Charlton Athletic...

Like life in general and supporting football l, we have had our ups and we have had BIG downs.....but tonight for the last several years I have found my
Charlton back.....For all the season in our hearts we were hoping it would pay off and we get there...and didnt........And today we have.......ok dont expect anything
less from a Charlton Athletic side - it be wrong for us to expect anything less !!!! However so happy for those commuting all the way back home this evening...
Good luck Euston at 11pm.........

Mr Chris Powell and his work colleagues not just this evening but the whole season have down a faboulous job and they have got the rewards they so thoroughly deserve
on top for me they have brought the " Charlton factor " back and given me the love and umph....Ive been missing for so long.....Enjoy tonight Mr Powell
and the boys - totally totally well deserved - and we all cant wait to see you next Saturday

As much as on the pitch has been a total success, I think the feel good factor and Charlton factor has also spread OFF the pitch as well and has created a " Charlton " family that
in life in general with all " families " will have their ups and downs there good and bad with agreements and disagreements.

But for me Charlton Life has created such a bond and a comunity that for today feels part of the success ON the pitch as well as off it.....From 3pm today to 5pm was just totally
unbearable.....yet somehow being part of the Charlton Life Community - just made it even more special - when it came ro 5pm and was all confirmed on SSN and seeing this
scenese made it even more special....

Therefore - as I have been really good and got home sobre !!! Am saving it to the home game......Anyone else will raise a glass or beer to say thank you for Mr Afka and Mr Lookkout for
providing such a service, such lovalty and such passion that makes it even more to proud a Charlton Athletic fan.....and a Charlton Lifer.......

Hope all Charlton fans have a fantastic evening tonight ! You deserve it as well as the team, club and everytone conected with this great club !!!

See you all in the Championship next season !!!!



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    You're right without the work that AFKA and Lookout do, I couldn't do the Match thread and we wouldn't have the community we have. I raise a glass of red tonight to them both, along with all those who contribute to this site, which is the best site by a mile!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Great post
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    Rhino - shut up and eat your phone, A bet is a bet......

    (It will teach you for saying back in September "If we get promoted, I will eat my phone")
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    Great post. Agree entirely and many thanks to Afka and Lookout, because CL has helped to make this season even more enjoyable: sharing thoughts, tears and happiness with the CAFC family. Full of happiness and wine! In SCP we believe.
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    Cheers bruv, see you tomorrow

    Been a great day.
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    Well said Ry, enjoy the moment, wish I was there
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