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SCP on CAFC Player

Just watched the Highlights of the walsall game and then listened to the Interviews

The Post match one speaks volumes about what This means to the players how hard they work and have worked all season, That they know because of the 2 Sheffield clubs are pushing and pushing that we cant stop

but the one about the points haul over easter is a great Interview, they know that we are going to be travelling a long way on Staurday to push them and urge them on

I get the feeling Saturday is going to be the day , i know i have said it before , but i have the feeling in my gut that i had against weds away, United at home its is a game where the boys know we have to win to let people know

its about us , not you lot you from the mighty maaaasive and the blunt blades you have had all season to catch us now this is about us and winning this league, as soon as we are up one of the sheffield sides will fold Nailed on Fact

I can not wait this game is going to be the one , get in your cars , if you aint booked any travel and get up there and together we will see off the challenge and get out of this poxy boneyard of a league

The Dany i am guessing Interview is good , the fact that he says Sdog is immense you just cant get past him and that he is destined to be a great Full Back for us and potentially go to the Premier league

you sense that the boy S Dog is going to clean sweep the awards

Managers Player
Players Player
Disabled Fans Player
Fans Player

With a league championship medal to boot

we are back believe it Charlton Athletic are back the tide is turning watch out you Millsmall and Stripey Mugs next season you will get nothing from us and i mean NOTHING


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