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Juat a idea for FAQ's

edited April 2012 in General Charlton
I know of topics come up time and time again why not a FAQ at the top of the page

How many times has the Goodbye Horse been asked, i know plenty dont know and younger fans and new members of course will ask, also i know a few people reply with sarcastic answers in the past. or like myself raise a eyebrow or two but they are leggit questions.

We could have :

Where does the song GoodBye Horse come from.
Where Does VFR come from.
Wheer does Yippe EIO come from.
Where does Henry get his Cardy's.
What does Clit stand for.
What part of the forum do i go to get the Clique Membership Form.
Why do you allow Gingers on the site.

Just a thought


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