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I think i need Help.....

After a monster car journey to Oldham & back yesterday, my son was keen to play his new copy of Now 81 , on the way up and on the way back ... problem is i really like the song by One Direction, 'One thing' i can't stop playing it over and over again , i am getting really concerned as where does this lead to.... i can't stand boyband music normally ?

buying an album ....
Going to watch them on tour ...

I'm getting worried and don't want to go down a slippery slope...

any helpful suggestions?


  • it's just a song, think you're being too hard on yourself, its not as if it was Justin Beiber lol
  • Pop your ear drums - now!
  • End it all now spare yourself and your family from the misery of what is a 'one direction fan'.
  • Exorcise the demon, go to a live show- you'll never want to hear another boyband ever again.
  • Go home, put on the who and crank it up to 11. That should clear the dross from your earholes..............................
  • Perhaps subconsciously you've always had a yearning to be in a boyband and those sweet boys have awakened that desire?

    Not that bad a life, that seventeen year old Harry who had the fling with the pseudo-paed presenter will testify to that!
  • As long as your willy don't go in one direction , you have very little to fear

    If it does see your Dr
  • My willy only goes in one direction. Towards all the looovely ladeeez ;)
  • Sing Agadoo and with a click of the fingers you will be back to normal ;o)
  • I just had a listen. You need help.
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  • Thank goodness I'm not driving to charlton today, got no say in choice of music.
  • i agree it's a catchy tune ! ... :)
    sounds like i need help to.
  • edited April 2012
    'Getting down with the kids' can be a good thing to help you through a getting old crisis ..... so long as you don't take it too far ..
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