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Yesterday's drummer

edited April 2012 in General Charlton
Take a bow, you kept the tempo up in the second half and IMHO superbly complimented the backs to the wall performance


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    yep, great drumming performance
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    Totally agreed, well done certainly added to the noise.
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    Our fans were excellent yesterday and fully agree about the drummer.
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    Did a great job, really enjoyed the atmosphere
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    How do you know if the stage is level?
    the drummer dribbles out of both sides of their mouth.

    How do you know if there's a drummer at the door?
    The knocking keeps speeding up.

    What's the definition of perfect pitch?
    Getting the drum in the skip from 20 yards.

    Why do guitarists put drumsticks on their dashboard?
    So they can park in the handicapped spot.
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    Oi !

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    What's the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? With a drum machine you only have to punch the rhythm in once.
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    What was the last thing the drummer said?
    Hey why don't we try one of my songs.

    Just joking...

    They can't write music :0p
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    Yes, the drummers should take a bow. Truely excellent yesterday. The Oldham drummer on the other hand..... :-)
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    Agreed - thought they did some sterling work yesterday and helped get our fans behind the team, so they definitely played their part in getting yesterday's result. Good stuff!
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    I love the continuous "Chrissie Powell's Red Army" chants on away days. Always seems to bode well if we're up against it and the fans just don't stop singing.

    Wish it was the same at home games!
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    What has three legs and a c##t on top?

    A Drum stool.
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    What do you call a beautiful woman on a drummers arm? a tattoo
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