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Any Essex Addicks fancy doing a fan in need a favour?!

I was just wondering if anyone will be driving down from Upminster-way on the final game of the season?

I've double booked myself with the match and a mate's stag do paintball and will be rushing from one to the other!! A list would be easier than the train and mean I get to kick off.

Would pay petrol money obviously.


  • Bump - just in case I'm lucky and someone missed this.

    Will only bump this once in case I'm breaking any admin rules!
  • Upminster to Charlton by C2c jubilee line and bus takes about 45 minutes. Probably quicker than car. I'm regularly home before 6:00. I'd happily give u a lift but I gave up going by car years ago. And I'll be celebrating the team lifting the trophy after the game anyway.
  • Cheers for the advice!
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