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teenage cancer trust gigs.......

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anyone going to any ? I wanted to see Macca tonight but tickets were either too expensive or all gone by the time I got to booking..............BUT, as i was on the site I thought the first nights line up with Roger Daltrey and "guests" could be fun so I paid £25 (plus booking fee) for a restricted view seat and along I went last night.............

F*****g brilliant !!!! Along with Daltrey were Kelly Jones (Sterophonics) & Paul Weller - Amy McDonald also appeared playing her 2 hits, then gawd bless her done an accustic version of Born to Run ............amazing !!! then to top it all, on came Ronnie Wood & Steve Winwood !!!!!!!!

best bit of the night (for me) was....... Wont get fooled again, Baba O'Reilly and some other Daltry/Who song which i didn't know. never really been a fan of Steve Winwood but Gimme some Loving was brilliant too !

that gig has made me think I've got to get out more & go see some live bands - esp the oldies !!!


  • Not this year. But saw Beady Eye last year. Golfie, it's always good to get out more, it stops you getting too down about Charlton. Variety is the spice of life.
  • I saw Weller and OCS at Brixton Academy a few years back in a Teenage Cancer Trust gig. Great concert and a fantastic cause!
  • On the train home from the mccartney gig. Awesome show. Weller, daltrey and wood came out for get back.
  • Weller is just a total legend!
  • Agreed
  • McCartney gig was fantastic. So moving, too - not entirely sure why. It's the second best gig I've ever seen in a long history of gig-going since the late 50s.
  • Seeing Pulp tomorrow night! Can't wait for it.
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