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Do you think we will go up, your predictions

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I think there are only three teams left with a chance of automatic promotion left. So I have put all fixtures of Charlton, Sheff Weds, and Sheff Utd and have predicted each game. I have marked them as W,L,or D for each of the three teams

Tuesday, March 20 2012
Charlton Athletic - Yeovil Town W
Notts County - Sheffield United L
Sheffield Wednesday - Walsall W

Saturday, March 24 2012
Huddersfield Town - Charlton Athletic L
Leyton Orient - Sheffield Wednesday W

Tuesday, March 27 2012
Sheffield United - Chesterfield W

Saturday, March 31 2012
Sheffield Wednesday - Preston North End W
Charlton Athletic - Leyton Orient W
Hartlepool United - Sheffield United W

Saturday, April 7 2012
Huddersfield Town - Sheffield Wednesday D
Oldham Athletic - Charlton Athletic D
Sheffield United - AFC Bournemouth W

Monday, April 9 2012
Sheffield Wednesday - Oldham Athletic W
Charlton Athletic - Walsall W

Tuesday, April 10 2012
Rochdale - Sheffield United W

Saturday, April 14 2012
Carlisle United - Charlton Athletic L
Colchester United - Sheffield Wednesday D
Sheffield United - Leyton Orient W

Saturday, April 21 2012
Charlton Athletic - Wycombe Wanderers W
Milton Keynes Dons - Sheffield United L
Sheffield Wednesday - Carlisle United D

Saturday, April 28 2012
Brentford - Sheffield Wednesday W
Preston North End - Charlton Athletic D
Sheffield United - Stevenage D

Saturday, May 5 2012
Charlton Athletic - Hartlepool United W
Exeter City - Sheffield United W
Sheffield Wednesday - Wycombe Wanderers W

So the table will finish

SHEFF UTD 89 pts


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    89 points would be a League One/Third Tier record points total for 3rd place.

    As was last season, with Huddersfield finishing 3rd with 87 points.
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    So you think Sheff W won't lose another game this season. They will lose 2 more till end I reckon and Sheff U will take second place but it could go down to GD. If we get ten points from next 4 including a draw to Hudds then we are on 89 points with 5 games remaining.
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    Come on Oggy what's your prediction
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    I don't know, Paul ...... I'm like Chris Powell, one game at a time.
    So I don't really look further than that in any detail.

    But I reckon we are due to win at home, and so think we'll edge a win and 3 points v Yeovil tomorrow.

    Your predicted results are all plausible for all 3 teams - although, this time of the season throws up unpredictable results, with struggling teams desperate to battle for points at any price.

    I don't think there is much to choose from the two Sheffields ..... they will put each other under pressure with their own rivalry, although Wednesday currently have the momentum.

    Anyway, I'd be happy to settle for your predictions - and Charlton win the title with 96 points. Incidentally, that was Brighton's title winning points total last season.

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    We will go up as Champions!
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    This is going to be a jittery run-in for all teams concerned. We will continue to drop points, as will the chasing pack and fingers crossed, our 9 point lead should see us over the line.

    Hope this is a lesson learned to all you chicken counters who thought it would be in the bag by the end of march..............................................
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    Tomorrow night is MASSIVE, we win that and it's a weight of our shoulders heading into the Huddersfield game.
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    I think Huddersfield are still in with a chance, if they win their game in hand they will be two points behind the two Sheffield sides and Wednesday have to go to Huddersfield. Also United are all over the place so I can see Huddersfield catching them if they can put a run together. MK Dons, who are in better form than all but Sheff Wed are only another two points behind with a game in hand.

    I think we will win the division, but I think the other four places could be in any order. It;s a big ask for MK Dons to catch the three above them, but at this time of the season lost of teams drop points, and Sheff Utd need to go to MK at the end of April.
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    The way results have been going in this division since the new year, it's almost impossible to predict the order for 2nd-4th ... but I still believe we will be top.
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    I think your predictions are good but being an old Charlton cynic I think we'll just finish 2nd and it will all be down to the let game - but I hope not
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    I'm just praying we hang on sufficiently to finish 2nd.

    This is Charlton we're talking about!
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    I think your predictions are good but being an old Charlton cynic I think we'll just finish 2nd and it will all be down to the let game - but I hope not
    Please no. Just no. Please. Not that. I actually wouldn't be able to cope.
    I think we'll get promoted a couple of games before the end.
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    I'm genuinely worried given how poorly we've played in the last 4 games including Bournemouth. Yeovil have nothing to lose tomorrow night and I just hope we turn up.

    Fans and players seem nervous at present and I hope we get the 3 points tomorrow.

    The rest of the season is about getting points - doesn't really matter how we play. Let's hope our players have the character required.
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    I'm confident we will go up, I just can't see both those clubs getting an extra 3 wins more than us with only 10 to go, and even then our GD should still be better
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    Do you REALLY think that after all the success and table topping feats this season, that we are NOT going to get promoted? ... This team although not especially skilful or dominant is bloody minded and determined. There is no doubt that it will gain promotion as champions
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    That would be all right Lincs if I could have seen anything remotely like bloody minded or determined last week !
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    Think a couple more years in L1 will be good for us...
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    That would be all right Lincs if I could have seen anything remotely like bloody minded or determined last week !
    point taken .. but we have nothing to fear except fear itself
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    I think we will slooooooooooosh home by 10 points .....should be a great race for 2nd with the 2 chefs battling it out ............MK and Huddersfield 4th and 5th ...........and the 6th spot will be a good tussle ...

    big game tomorrow we win and rejoice....

    We will win the league because we have been and are the best team in the league ....4 defeats so far this season -what would you have given for that back in August,

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    If i thought both Sheffield clubs were going to win all their games then i would be a little worried but quite clearly they wont.
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    Potentially could finish 3rd
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    I think the biggest problem with the predictions at the top of the thread is that they have us winning all of our remaining home games. To me, it seems to be at home that we are suffering most in terms of confidence, and I can see at least of couple of the teams we are still yet to play taking something from us, particularly if they are fighting against relegation.

    At the moment, I'm still optimistic, and taking each game as it comes. That said, if we did manage to not get promoted this year, it would have to go down as one of the most spectacular collapses of form ever!
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    The fear element of playing in front of our jittery crowd, you mean?
    Logically, playing at The Valley should be our fortress.
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    Exactly. I'm sick of people whinging and getting on the players' backs anytime we're not at least 2 goals up inside 20 minutes.
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    Hudders have 6 away games left to play and 4 at home, two of which are against us and Wednesday, I'd be very surprised if they finish in the automatic places.
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    No, and relegated next season. Oooh just can't shake off this Charlton pessimism, even after 46 years !
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    We are going up and, furthermore, we are going up as champions. I would be very surprised with any other outcome.
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    If we don't go up I will be the most humiliated and depressed man in the world, so its a good thing we are going up by 4 points ahead of Sheffield Utd.
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