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CACT to run youth services in Greenwich,,10267~2657598,00.html

Huge step for the Trust to be running all the youth services in a borough. Well done to all involved.


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    My mum was one of the many who worked for greenwich council youth services who was made redundant and left on the scrap heap as a woman in her early 50s so bit of a bitter taste with this one. Well done to the club and goodluck to them but if all the ffing councellers on 80k plus took a pay cut instead of laying off hard working people like ma then the world would be a nicer place.
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    Sorry to hear about your mum @adamtheaddick. I have no idea and may be way off course with this but perhaps CACT will be taking on people and, with your mum's experience she may be ideal. Silver lining and all that.
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