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scott parker england captain

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great news for england and charlton for developing him


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    Great choice!
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    Keep the armband warm for Chris Solly
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    Great honour. Well deserved IMHO. Pleased for him.
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    thats great news, he's come a long way but fully deserved.
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    Strange to think when he was 16 years old coming into the first team that one day he would be England Captain.

    How many England captains has the CAFC academy produced? He must be the first?
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    edited February 2012
    Whatever happened in the past, Scotty is finally being seen as the quality player we all knew he was back then.
    I can remember people laughing and saying who? years ago when I told them our Scotty was simply one of the best midfielders in the country and should be in the England team.
    Whether you can forgive him or not, and not forgetting the proud part Charlton played in his development ( even if he did ) his skill and hard work have earned him this moment.
    I hope he plays well.

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    Very sweet moment for all Charlton fans who were laughed at so many years ago for rightfully bigging him up.

    We knew all along how good he was. It's a shame that the rest of the Footballing world who seem only interested in United, Chelsea, Liverpool etc are only now starting to wake up and realise his quality and what they've missed out on.
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