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Leon Cort

Good to see him get some match time last night. I thought he did OK in less than trying circumstances. Rarely can a non-goalkeeper have been on the bench so often and got on the pitch less frequently. Quality of Morrison and Taylor, plus their absence of injuries and suspensions(hope that hasn't cursed them) hasn't made it easy for him. Haven't seen enough to judge whether he would be a useful first replacement if/when we go up


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    He's played at higher levels all of his career (I think), so he'll always be a reliable back-up in my opinion.

    To be honest, I don't think Powell thought Morro and Taylor were going to be so good/consistent and Cort was brought in with the first team certainly in mind.
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    Yes, (famous last words) centre backs normally pick up a fair number bookings, but our 2 have been very clean this season - wasn't Dailly sent off twice last season? - and surprisingly injury free. Indeed, have we ever gone through a season when 2 CBs have played virtually very game together? I'm sure Cort would do a good job if he had a play a series of games.
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    reckon we'll be seeing more of Cort from now on
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    like him. big powerful defender that should step up but remain as decent cover.
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    I have little doubt he would be starting for 99% of the teams in league one and majority in The Championship.
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    . Indeed, have we ever gone through a season when 2 CBs have played virtually very game together?
    This has been a massive part of our success so far for me. In fact the back 5 has been pretty much consistent the whole season but those two in particular have hit it off as a partnership from game one and look liek they've been playing alongside each other for years.

    Morro may get most of the attention and the plaudits but Taylor has been equally as important for me.

    I think we've either been really, really lucky or a big effort has gone into keeping that back five injury free for the whole year so a well done to the fitness coaches and physios is due as well.

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    Cort is a good good defender and has done well when called upon. To look completely comfortable, Cort would need a run of games with a regular partners either side of him.

    One of the main strengths of the current partnership is the understanding that when one attacks the ball or goes tight to his man, the other drops to cover him. They both appear to read the game especially well and are equally good at getting tight to their men when needed. In addition they are both very comfortable on the ball which helps the team keep possession as they probe for weaknesses. There is a question mark over whether they have enough pace to cope with better strikers with clever movement but at the moment they are rarely exposed and are especially well covered by their full-backs (and they of course, cover their full-backs in turn). After all the changes of previous seasons, it's great to have a settled defence and goalkeeper.
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    In my mind, while you need have to have good defenders as a starting point, a good defence is something you create through understanding between players and work on the training ground, so full marks need to be given to SCP and the coaching staff for what they've achieved.
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    From what I have seen he has been quality when he comes on. Always getting in the way of shots etc...
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