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Love the program on Sky1! Shame the guy died, the new one doesn't carry the same weight. Sex, Violence and decent acting I like!


  • Agree that it misses Andy Whifield and also John Hannah, who brought something to it (acting ability probably).

    It definitely is a guilt pleasure though. Feels like it should be on a Sky Channel beginning with 9.
  • I'm Spartacus
  • Enjoyed the first two seasons, but I'm finding this one just isn't as good. Don't think i'll stick with it.
    Noss, I think you're right that it's suffering from the loss of Andy Whitfield and John Hannah.

  • Very pornographic but its ok as long as the kids don't wake up 8+p
  • Load of old tosh but I do watch it
  • New series isn't as good as the first two but still keeps me amused for an hour or so.
  • If I could afford sky I would have watched it.
  • Spartacus - I still think one of the funniest stories I've heard is when Eric Douglas, Kirk's son, appeared as a comedian at the Comedy Store in London. He was starting to lose the audience and lost it himself when he said "Do you know who am I? I am Kirk Douglas' son". A member of the audience stood up and shouted "I am Kirk Douglas' son" until the whole audience joined in. The ultimate heckle, I guess.
  • Does it make me a pervert that I would only watch this for the tits n ass?
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