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Nearing a ban

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Does anybody know how our yellow cards stand & if anybody is close to a ban?


  • think they're okay for now, after january you need to have a total of ten yellows to get a one match ban instead of five so should be ok, we don't get many anyway! (touch wood)
  • Green will be the one to worry about. I think he is on 7 or 8 now.
  • Green 8
    Wiggins 7
    Hollands 6
  • Strange that Green should be on so wouldn't have thought that.
  • He leaves his foot in and gets easily wound up, not your normal winger
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    Strange that Green should be on so wouldn't have thought that.
    He can't tackle imo, goes in all awkward and this looks worse to the referee especially when he is in the process of trying to regain possession. Needs to take a leaf out of Solly's book who never takes his eye of the ball and has excellent timing.
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    Hollands only has 4 yellows according to OS which takes it's stats from the official Football League site.

    It is one of things that has surprised me doing the stats, I always thought that it was the defenders that did the fouls and got the cards, as a generality they don't it is the midfield and strikers that do. Our exception is Wiggins and my guess why he does more fouls is due to his attacking prowess his is not about and out defender.
  • Green is a hopeless tackler, so is the most at risk to reach 10 yellows. They're all careless tackles, pull backs etc rather than full bodied tackles. He's probably the most expendable member of the current team so it wouldn't be a disaster!
  • Green gets the most pathetic yellows i have ever seen. He wimps out of genuine challenges but will just go late in on someone who has their back to him.
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    Tackle wise, Danny Green = Paul Scholes. Both ginger, both hot heads, both lunge in. Both get too many yellows.
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  • Not the greatest tackler admittedly, but didn't shirk a full blooded tackle Saturday putting their left lumpy left back on his arse, def one of his best games
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