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Mice, rabbits, deer and slugs

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Anyone got any good pest control tips?


  • Yeah, I run a wildlife management company. Not sure about slugs though, I just tread on the buggers normally.....
  • generally a shot gun helps, but makes a mess in the house, so only use that in the garden...inside i like to use peanut butter (they love that) with ground up glass in it, or a little pellet of sulphuric acid that bursts open in their stomachs, i wont use mousetraps though because they are cruel.
  • Snap traps or break-back traps are the most humane way to dispatch rodents. Don't put glass or anything else in your bait as it is completely inhumane. Proofing is also a very good way to get on top of your pest problem (and by far the most humane way method).
  • You have problem with all four? In that case, move house...
  • I'm surprised you have problem with deer seeing as you live in a penthouse in the middle of Glasgow
  • Heather,can give you a name of a very good pest control co. I do some work for.

    Inbox me if that's what you want
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    If you have children or pets you can buy a slug pellet that will not harm them , made by Growing Success , contains Aluminium Sulphate i think which if consumed in large quantities leads to massive dehydration ( thats how the slugs die , dehydration).

    Scotts make a liquid slug killer that can be applied in a watering can and watered onto plants , its called Slug clear, if watered onto the soil it also kills thier eggs in the ground.

    March is the best time to start applying other slug pellets that contain (Metaldehyde) i always get the spelling wrong! Scotts slug pellets are more advanced than the ones made by Bayer which are sold every where.

    This is quite a good website if you want more info


    Scotts is probably the better site at the moment , as Sinclairs have only recently taken over Growing Success.
  • Horrible buggers the lot of you! Every sentient being has a right to life.

  • Learn to love all four.
    Maybe not slugs.
  • Not exactly a resturant I would use being a Veggie for 32 years.......
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  • Learn to love all four.
    Maybe not slugs.
    Have to say, slugs make me cringe but if they get too near my house I put a glove on and carry them to the bottom of my garden. Where I then put them into my neighbours yard ;)
  • Beer is good for slugs - the smell attracts them and they fall in and drown, presumably with a smile on their faces. Get a saucer or a glass and half bury it, fill it with beer, cover it and let nature take it's course.
  • Do what BFR said OR drink so much beer you go beyond caring you've got slugs in your garden.
  • Had a problem with rats a couple of years ago - they were in our loft. We put a sonic repellent in and they left the next day. It needed to be plugged into the mains via an extension lead through the loft hatch, which was not exactly pretty, but it did work. I also used to feed the birds in the garden and stopping that helped too. If you take away a food source they will go elsewhere.
  • Sorry everyone - you need to have read the match thread to understand this one ;-)

    Thanks for all the advice, anyway...
  • Sorry Weegie, but 80€ consultation fee still applies! ;-)
  • iainment February 25 Quote
    Weegie Addick said:
    lancashire lad said:
    everything gets eaten by rabbits here

    Deer are the problem here - at the Mull of Kintyre.

    Sorry to interrupt but deer, rabbits and slugs the main problems here in Kerry. ; )

    From the "Match Thread": What did We miss Yesterday ?
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