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Work experience at Charlton

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Who should I contact and what is their address so I can send a cover letter to them?


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    Too easy, I'll resist.
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    Address your request to The Valley - FAO Personnel Officer

    I personally don't think you'll be able to do it though. They get hundreds of requests and when I worked there they never offered positions. They are wary of kids wanting to gain their work experience working closely with the players which is NEVER going to happen. I think you have to be older than 17 too for some reason.

    If you made your covering letter more specific about the work you wanted to do you may get some assistance but I doubt you'd get accepted if you wanted to work in fitness, management or training ground specific work. If you wanted to work in a ticket office or finance department or customer service representative then you might have more joy!

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    What Suzi says.

    You might have more joy trying the CA Community Trust but lots of age and CRB restrictions too I would guess.
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    i emailed about this aswell for the end of the school year in 17 but it doesnt look as though im going to get anything.
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    My niece did work experience back in the 90s down at the training ground.
    It was arranged through her college. She helped out with training in local schools and other stuff. She did meet the players (that might have something to do with being 17 and good looking) and one in particular took a liking for her.
    I met Colin Walsh one evening when picking her up, very unassuming guy, he told me he use to play for Charlton.
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    We have far fewer opportunities now that we aren't in The Premiership..........lot's less staff of course.
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