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Things You Can't Do.....



  • Cant Whistle or do the clicking thing with thumb and Fingers.
  • Never been able to do the 'touch your toes' thing. Even when I was a highly tuned athlete.
  • I can't keep it in
    I can't keep it in
    I gotta let it out.
  • Addickted said:

    Never been able to do the 'touch your toes' thing. Even when I was a highly tuned athlete.

    Did you remember to take you hands out of your pockets first?

    Things you can't do? I find it impossible to slow down for those horrid width restriction things on roads. Slowing down would demonstrate a lack of driving ability. If possible, I try to speed up. But the one at the bottom of Charlton Church Lane is a bastard because the high concrete kerbs are at an angle. I just know I am going to lose my wing mirrors/kerb the wheels one day but I just can't slow down.
  • Swim and breath at the same time.
    House paint......doors, window frames, doors frames, skirting boards...etc etc.
  • DanDavis said:

    I could never say the word 'chips' when I was sounded more like "chhhiccpssh"!

    Perhaps you should have stopped drinking alcohol.
  • I could never ride a bike not using my hands.

    Saw a kid the other day riding a bike with his hands in his pockets.....cocky little shit.
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    Ice skate......mind you I’ve only ever been once. I could stand up on them ok - but whenever I went to push off I only succeeded in going backwards.

    I got the hump with it after 30 minutes......who wants to go to Gillingham anyway ?!?
  • Only have 1 popadom
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  • True, by the time you've had 2 or 3 you don't really want the main course.
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    Crack one off at my desk without looking suspicious.
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    Stop reading the - "Roland Duchatelet ready to sell Charlton thread " it's addictive !!!
  • Feck me Rodney C T, a five year old post getting a LOL?
    Nice one!
    What's the record?
  • My mate can have it off with his girlfriend but I fail every time I try.
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Roland Out!