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Players Marks: Tranmere 1-1 Charlton (again)

For those hardy souls at Prenton Park this afternoon your marks out of 10 please. Just copy and paste the list:

Wright Phillips


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    Hamer: 7.5 Great save first half. Looked solid all afternoon.
    Solly: 8 (MOM) Superb performance, great under pressure, always comes away with the ball.
    Morrison: 8 Always a threat at set pieces. Good distribution of the ball from the back.
    Taylor: 7 Solid
    Wiggins: 7 Grew as the game went on. Got caught out a few times defensively but good link up play with Green.
    Pritchard: 7 Also improved as the game went on. Started a bit sloppy but good second half.
    Hollands: 7 Stuck in as usual.
    Stephens: 7.5 Played well second half, orchestrating the attacks from just in front of the back four
    Green: 8 Very tricky on the ball today. Looked dangerous cutting in from the left, provides a natural width to the team.
    Kermorgant: 7 Dominant in the air but didn't really link up with anyone today.
    Haynes: 7 Pacey outlet, looked good on the ball but not really given much service.
    Wright Phillips: 6.5 Linked up with Kermorgant better than Haynes but looked a bit short on confidence. Great cross for Kermorgant header at the end.
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    Hamer: 7. What you'd expect, honestly don't know what happened with the goal though or whose (if anyone's) fault it was.
    Solly: 7.5
    Morrison: 7.5
    Taylor: 6.5. That's not a criticism, he just seems to get on with it efficiently and quietly without me realising.
    Wiggins: 6.5
    Pritchard: 5.5 Tried hard but largely ineffective I thought. Not his fault, he's not a right winger.
    Hollands: 6.5
    Stephens: 6.5
    Green: 5.5 I don't like him on the left; would like to see Waggy back on Tuesday.
    Kermorgant: 5.5 Time for a change against Rochdale I think with it being an "easier" game on paper.
    Haynes: 6 Didn't really notice him.

    Wright Phillips: 6.5

    My ratings may be a bit low, but I tend to go by the Gazzetta dello Sport's pessimistic scale. The only time they've ever given someone a 10 was after someone collapsed on the pitch and an opposing player gave him CPR
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    Hamer 8
    Solly 8
    Morrison 8
    Taylor 7
    Wiggins 6
    Pritchard 6
    Hollands 6
    Stephens 7
    Green 7
    Kermorgant 6
    Haynes 5
    Wright Phillips 7
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    Hamer 6
    Solly 7 was beaten number of times.
    Morrison 5 Tooften court with the ball near 18 year box, trying to run the ball out.
    Taylor 5 He and Morrison struggled to win the ball in the air, all afternoon the long ball from thier keeper gave us trouble.
    Wiggins 6 struggled defensively.
    Pritchard 5 got better in second half, but looked to be caught on the ball to often and did not know what to do with it.
    Hollands 6
    Stephens 4 was just poor.
    Green 5 one good move all game, his passes and set piece delivery was shocking and he can not tackle.
    Kermorgant 4 bad game
    Haynes 5 tried
    Wright Phillips 5 tried hard.
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    Hamer - 7: very good save in the first half and looked alert and competent throughout
    Solly - 8: excellent ( as ever ). MOTM
    Morrison - 7: solid. Tranmere never really got at us
    Taylor - 7: ditto
    Wiggins - 5: poor by his very high standards. He particularly felt the absence of Jackson and made less forays as a result
    Pritchard - 6
    Hollands - 6: a fairly quiet game
    Stephens - 6: a few excellent long range passes, but the midfield generally lacked a bit of energy and devil.
    Green - 5.5. A mixed bag for me. A bit lightweight and I'd like to have seen Waggy given a run for the last 20-25 minutes
    Kermorgant - 6
    Haynes - 7: looked lively before he pulled up.
    Wright Phillips: 6: looked pacey and dangerous. Managed to tread on the ball 3 yards out, although it transpires that he was offside anyway.
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    Hamer- 7
    Solly - 8
    Morrison - 8MOM
    Taylor - 7
    Wiggins - 7
    Pritchard -6
    Hollands -6
    Stephens - 5
    Green -6
    Kermorgant - 6
    Haynes -6
    Wright Phillips -7
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    Hamer - 7.5
    Solly - 8
    Morrison - 7.5
    Taylor - 7
    Wiggins - 7
    Pritchard - 6.5
    Hollands - 6
    Stephens - 5.5
    Green - 5
    Kermorgant - 6
    Haynes - 6.5
    Wright Phillips - 6.5

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    Hamer 7.5 his saves kept us in the game
    Solly 7.5 usual battling performance, but seemed a bit out of place without Waggy/Green
    Morrison 7 great goal but not quite so commanding in defence
    Taylor 6.5 not his best defensive display
    Wiggins 6 got nutmeged once and again not at his best
    Pritchard 7 a little light weight but a good battling performance
    Hollands 6.5
    Stephens 6.5
    Green 5 a lot of runs but no end product
    Kermorgant 5.5 headed the ball a lot
    Haynes 6 needed more time to settle in
    Wright Phillips 6 added something when he came on.
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    Hamer - 7.5
    Solly - 8
    Morrison - 7
    Taylor - 7
    Wiggins - 7.5
    Pritchard - 6
    Hollands - 7
    Stephens - 7
    Green - 7
    Kermorgant - 7
    Haynes - 7
    Wright Phillips - 6.5
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    Hamer - 7 - looked solid, good save first half. didn't have a huge amount to do though.
    Solly - 7.5 MOM - quailty.
    Morrison 6.5
    Taylor 6.5 - both of them looked ok, but just not quite their usual seamless selves.
    Wiggins 6.5 - disappointing compared to his usual v. high standards
    Pritchard - 7 - worked hard, some excellent tackles but didn't give us a huge amount going forward
    Hollands - 7 - worked hard
    Stephens - 6.5 - never really got going. hit the referre twice...
    Green - 6.5 - so much potential, and some excellent little touchs (his touch to go through on goal in the first half was superb...) but then can make v. basic errors; or not even beat the first man at a corner/free kick. frustrating.
    Kermorgant - 6.5 - tried hard but didn't really come off.
    Haynes - 7 - good full debut (i think). worked hard and some nice little runs, quick.
    Wright Phillips - 6.5 - did ok when he came on, put in a peach of a cross near the end, a goal will sort his confidence out no end.

    Overall, i thought we played ok. Our goal came from a nice passage of play of probing and passing it around looking for a gap. We were only 60% there today i thought, but tranmere don't offer much, and a little bit more from everyone and we would've humped them. Oh well, a point away from home anywhere is good. Small but noisy charlton contingent. Nice ground.
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    edited February 2012
    Hamer 8 - Think he's been underrated in a lot of this, he had a good game, made at least two very important saves and kept us in the game. (mom)
    Solly 7.5 - Had a great game (as per) got out of tough positions with the ball somehow, my Dad's comment "sometimes I think taht kid could walk on water"
    Morrison 7 - Good display, not the strongest defensive display, but still mop up almost everything, not sure how questionable his goal was seeing as it took so long to be given
    Taylor 7 - Ditto pretty much
    Wiggins 6.5 - Not the greatest, him and Green hadn't quite developed an understnading yet it seemed, still great though
    Pritchard 6.5 - Started off poorly, looked like he didn't know what to do at RM, grew into the game though, ended quite well, don't know how that volley he had didn't go in, seemed like an invisible man deflected ita way.
    Hollands 6.5 - Averagely good game, didn't do much wrong and looked like he was going to score with a good volley
    Stephens 7 - Wasn't really in it much in the first half, but stepped it up in the second, picking the ball up from the defence and passing the ball well.
    Green 7 - Played well, cut in well and made some good crosses, if he'd had a shot or two on target and tested the keeper properly I would've been more impressed
    Kermy 6.5 - Tried hard as ever, looks hungry but just needs a bit of luck
    Haynes 6 - Didn't look great, tried to play the last man which may be his style but when we weren't playing great in the first half it never looked truly threatening, nippy but when he was through on goal didn't look sure of himself/strong. Also didn't have a great first touch
    Wright-Phillips 6.5 - He'll have nightmares about that last chance, played well and tried hard

    Small but loud crowd, not a peep from them. Not the best performance but improved greatly in the second half, there was a passage before the goal where it felt like they hadn't touched the ball for 5 minutes.
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    @lonelynorthernaddick you've missed stephens mate.
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    Cheers Olster, that was pretty poor going by me. My bad!
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    pritchard got mom and was in team of the week in the football league paper
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    Hamer 7.5
    Solly 8
    Morrison 7
    Taylor 6.5
    Wiggins 6
    Pritchard 7
    Wright Phillips6
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