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NEW ARTICLE: League One Traffic Update

"That was Yazz with 'The Only Way is Up'. It's Friday, the time is 10.28, and you’re listening to Charlton Life FM, the Number One League One radio show. Now over to Johann with all the travel"


"Thanks AFKA. In Sheffield, reports are emerging of a massive derailment occurring in the Hillsborough region. Massive delays are expected, with progress to the Championship now at a snail’s pace. Travellers are being warned to expect at least 15 months to complete their journey. Much anger is being displayed by those caught up in the derailment, with those witnessing the incident not knowing whether to blame the driver, the owner of the train company, or their fellow passengers. No other problems are being experienced in other parts of the City, with those making good progress on their journey finding the predicament of their fellow town folk amusing.

Still in Yorkshire, and traffic in Huddersfield is still being affected by the horrific incident earlier in the week where a number of people lost their heads. The Town remains at a standstill and despite many people being close to completing their journey, fears are growing that this may never occur. This has come as a great shock to a town which recently went 43 weeks without a single incident before a unstoppable juggernaut from South London inflicted widespread and lasting damage.

In the Wirral, bus travellers are being warned to expect severe delays over the weekend as many of the Birkenhead Bus fleet are being deployed at Prenton Park to fill the six yard boxes ahead of a procession scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

Down the M1, and traffic is being delayed by a relatively new but unpopular vehicle travelling in a continuous loop around one of Milton Keynes many roundabouts. Much to the delight of other travellers around the country, the vehicle is not expected to make any progress in the near term, and hopes are raised it will soon move on to one of the more minor roundabouts. Thanks to @Karl31 on Twitter for the update.

In South East London, no problems reported and plans for a forthcoming flyover between Charlton and Bermondsey look set to get the go ahead in the summer.

I’m Johann Biro, and you’re listening to the League One traffic update on Charlton Life FM"


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