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Top 3 Goal of the seasson

edited February 2012 in General Charlton
What has been you favouite goals of the seasson so far this year.? for me

1-Dale stephens vs bury
2-Johnny Jackson free kick (sheffield united)
3-Waggy volly against bourmouth

apologize if there aready a thread been mad similar.


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    Stephens v bury
    Jackson v Sheff W
    Jackson v Sheff U
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    I haven't seen the Stephens piledriver yet, so this is prior to tonight.

    1. Scott Wagstaff's volley vs. Bournemouth (adjusted well to the pass and showed great technique)
    2. Johnnie Jackson's free kick vs. Sheff Utd (better than the one at Hillsborough imo)
    3. Danny Hollands' diving header vs. Preston (a brilliant finish after a great bit of skill and cross from Wiggins)

    We've seen some pretty decent goals this season. Many of the 'simpler' ones we've scored have had a touch of class about them - Waggy's goal at Notts County and BWP's 2nd at Hartlepool being good examples.
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    Agree with Paddy Powell

    1. Waggy's volley v Bournemouth (Curved beautifully)
    2. Jacko's free kick v Sheff Utd (Keeper thought he was going other side so Jacko did the opposite)
    3. Danny Hollands' header v Preston (Amazing build up and great header)
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    edited February 2012
    So many good one's from memory, wasn't the away goal at Bury very good - lots of passing in the build up?

    I need to see them again really. Anyone got a compilation?
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    I'll wait until the end of the season beofre I choose............
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    The one that seals promotion will be goal of the season.
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    I did like JJ's away to Rochdale - I can watch it again and again as Stephen's pass bounces once, twice, three times then gets lashed in.
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    Stephens v Bury
    Jackson v Sheffield United
    Jackson v Rochdale
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    Kermogant's overhead kick against Rochdale at the Valley - I'll get in there quick with that one.
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    The one that seals promotion will be goal of the season.
    So Jackson's v Sheff UTD then...

    Oooooh did I
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