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can anyone advise?

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Afternoon(ish) all,

im going to be leaving the city shortly and need to head to Queen Elizabeths, what would lifers recomend as the quickest way from cannon street?



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    Train to charlton and get a cab outside station 8858 8070. Or a 486.
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    Train to Woolwich Arsenal and 291 bus.
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    Get of at Charlton Station and get the 486 (Ithink) or Woolwich Arsenal get the 469 or failing that Woolwich Dockyard walk up Frances street over the lights through the army barracks and its right in front of you.
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    WA might be best as you've got those 2 buses to choose from to get up there.
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    thanks all, off in a min then a nice early start in the pub before the game.


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