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Carlisle Train

edited January 2012 in General Charlton
FYI. Just booked a return to Carlisle ( 3 tickets per booking) £43 return on virgin trains.


  • From which station?
  • They were £32 rtn a few days ago, was another thread.
  • Chappers/Is that £43 for three tickets? If so, excellent. I started the previous thread and thought that £32 was the cheapest without a railcard. Will be interested to know for the future, ie Preston
  • No £43 per person inc. postage. 0730 was £16 and the 1852 was £23. The £4 difference was due to booking 3 tickets in each booking which for some reason put the price up so I averaged it out to the £43 each, but if you book for 1 it will be £39.
  • as with airlines, even checking the fare can trigger an increase on the screen price - it suggests that there is demand and they can rip you off
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