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fao nolly

Nolly wtf happend to big Jon tonight ,

I never rated him but that was shocking

Price just destroyed him


  • He said he trained harder for that fight than any other but still look at the state of him.

    Been saying for a couple of years that Price looks like the one
  • I know buckshee it just amazed me that Jon folded stoopid quick, having been in his company a few times at a few fights , I never dreamed that would happen, I thought he would lose because price was too classy for him , but he just went so easily
  • Doing well price and got a good team round him he boxes lovely and moves well for such a big dude that left right he throws is deceptive as it glances chins but is accurate one concern is as a am he got stopped a bit and I would like to see him tested, I think the fury fight will be a corker they boxed as ams and price nicked a close one, was on youtube before prob not now. Big john has to go out of the british scene I think and fight a few abroad as nelson said. And Martin power needs to retire
  • could you believe how quick he dropped though Nolls, the first upper cut was a corker granted, but the mniddle knock down i wernt happy with and i doubut Jon will be, I dont believe he trained as hard for it as he said
  • Thing is Jason rowlands is training him I would have thought he would have got him at his best if anything , Rowlands is one hard West ham bastard, I think he looked to have a row with price maybe after his last win fancied catching prices supposed weak chin, but the ones round the ears are the worst mate they lose your senses got one in sparring from Micky cantwell once and done a funny dance
  • I presume you were a lot closer to Micky in weight terms then though Dan.

    British heavyweight scene is at it's most exciting for years right now , Price I'd say is standout but I actually think Fury has it in him if need be yet I wouldn't have said that a year ago
  • Cantwell looks like he could still do light fly when I last saw him kept his weight well unlike some lol. Think price fury would be fireworks,price the better boxer but fury has more ring time,can price take shots? Can fury outbox price? Let's hope it happens as even losing won't really hinder the loser much,like buckshee said quite exciting division at moment
  • I hope so Nolly i felt for him last night he looked humilated and frustrated and rightly so, i couldnt believe the middle knock down but i bow to your experience ,

    how is Micky i used to love watching him fight
  • got his own Gym at the beaverwood club with his son Sam
  • Never knew that nss surprised he son never boxed
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  • bit of a tie up with the community trust as well.
  • Ok he used to go charlton a lot few years back
  • @northstandsteve gym been open about a year ain't it? My mate fought on Cantwell's first white collar event against a team from Isle of Man.
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