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"Free" Websites.

Is there such a thing ? Business is very quite, and I keep being told that "Websites/Internet" is the way forward (though I'd like to see a computer fit a double Bullnose). So, typed "Free Website" into Google, and on 4 different times I started to type details into the computer, but on page 3 or 4 up comes a page that tells me "Its only $** per month", etc.
Would just like a Free, No frills, company website, if anyone could point Me in the right direction Please.
Thank You.


  • The thing with "free" websites is that it will not have it's own domain name, advertisements everywhere which you will get no profit from and it makes the website look tacky/cheap and they are very limited. I personally don't think they're a good idea for a business as it makes the business not look professional, that's why they charge. They give you a free website but then offer you packages to upgrade so you have your own domain name and no adverts etc. I know off one called FreeWebs but I'm not to sure if it's still about. You could always set up a facebook page, a lot of people do that now.
  • Paul, send me a message. Dont bother with the free websites, they wont get you found on Google et all.

    I will get that carpet soon so sure we can work something out.
  • Best advise I would give would be to set up a specific Facebook page for your business and get in linked on all online local directories. If someone is looking for a carpet fitter / supplier in the local area they won't find your free webpage on a google search, but they will find listings directories.

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