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Free Music Sunday

Unsigned band I manage "Fish Tank" released their debut EP yesterday on bandcamp. Its a " pay what you want" release, so if you want you can have it for free. Or if you're feeling generous, then by all means donate a small sum to the band. Any contribution received goes towards a band van.

Not sure how many of you will like this? I would say its for fans of Foals and Biffy Clyro. They are good though, its not just unsigned noise. The EP has already been picked up by BBC Introducing, who have been full of praise for it.

Hope you like it.

Download/Streaming link:


  • I've been a member of the Facebook page since there were hardly any members, not sure why but something made me join.

    actually listened to bbc introducing last night and heard there song, good to see there finally getting some recognition on because the music seems genuinely good

    you heard of pharaohs? mates band, might be an idea to get in touch cause they've got the same vibe - from sevenoaks/ tun wells
  • Wow, nice one pal.

    Yeah they deserve it, they're incredible musicians and offer a lot more than most of these local indie bands.

    I do indeed know about Pharaohs, in fact Fish Tank supported them on Saturday night in Canterbury. They'll also be sharing the stage once more, this time at the T Wells forum mid February. 14th I believe? Maybe see you down there!
  • where are they actually based then?

    im sevenoaks/maidstone myself and love the local indie bands, mainly forum. may have to pop over on the 14th!
  • They all go to uni in Broadstairs, where I met them. Unfortunately they all support Liverpool, can't all be perfect!

    Yeah, might see you there.
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